This year our team was given an opportunity to attend the summit. We can’t say enough positive things about the experience. We made new connections with other owners of “micro gyms.” Every speaker gave us ideas for how to focus our energy and move forward as a team. We were surrounded by beautiful scenery and hard working people. We definitely will be going again and see this as a key time for us to invest in our relationship with each other and build our brain trust.One of our favorite parts of the summit was the breakout sessions with keynote speakers. “Collaboration makes us better.”


Are you a small business owner in the fitness industry? Do you find yourself with a ton of questions and zero places to go? Do you want to find a place to finally connect the dots? Then Iron + Mortar Summit is the place for you! I finally feel like I can bring it all together with my gym. I've never felt more confident in decisions that impact my space as whole for the better! The Iron Mortar experience was incredible and I was able to immediately implement ideas I had been working on. The network is great and I feel like I have someone to call on if I need it. If you’re seriously looking to up your game and crash with minds then this is the summit. I can only expect the summit to get better.



“I think collaboration with others in our industry is one of the fastest paths to success. There are people out there, in your industry, who went through your journey. They understand your growing pains as a small business owner and they’re coming together for brief 48 hours window to help you make your business better. I can’t recommend attending this seminar enough and seeing it for what it is - continuing education for the growing gym in our current fitness market.”

Stuart Brauer, 2017-18 Speaker

“This was such a great experience! Being able to connect with other like-minded gym owners and get ideas from outside our field has been invaluable in helping us develop our plans as we open our own gym. Can’t wait to go back next year. Thanks Iron and Mortar!”

Todd Stone, 2017 Attendee