Table Hosts

this year we’re bringing in more experts on various topics to host additional intensives

Stephen Hitt Headshot.jpg

stephen hitt 

// Crossfit industrious

Stephen is the founder and CEO of CrossFit Industrious and has created a formidable brand. He has been the driving force for a cutting edge, community-focused gym that empowers its members to live a better life, which now boasts more than 500 members. Stephen has a knack for branding and for creating a top notch customer experience.


stu brauer 

// wtf gym talk

Don’t just build a gym, build a business. Stu, the creator of WTF Gym Talk, is an all-around resource for those looking to grow a real business. Stu looks to provide a continuation of education for all the passionate owners with fitness certifications, who need the resource for creating the game plan and the strategy to execute their vision.


jim crowell

// opex fitness


Layci Nelson

// Iron + Mortar